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Sunday, May 20, 2007

My new Pearl Izumi SyncroPace

After beoing the shoes for a few months, finally when my run log reminded me that the 2110 is due for retirement, decided to go ahead and get the PI SyncroPace. Wasn't really sure about the shoes - just like the design. Eddie recommended the SyncroFloat but that was all in grey whilst the SyncroPace was orange and metallic silver - very chio and stylo.

Took it out for a test run Saturday evening. Went to Kent Ridge with the gang. The cushioning is superb - like wearing a pair of Hush Puppies even with my insole. Unfortunately, I had not tied the shoelaces properly and it was rather loose. 30 minutes into the run, it started to pour so run called off.

Continued the breaking in of the shoes the next morning with a longer run - this time at ECP. The cushioning was good, it felt lighter than my 2110 and the feet didn't feel hot. But somewhere about 1 hour later, the toes started to protest - Not too sure what caused it. maybe this time round I tied the shoe laces too tight and the foot had no space to expand? Or is it too wide? It certainly felt very roomy when I put it on. Got to test some more.

According to PI, the SyncoPace is a stability shoe for normal or low arch. It comes with the Skydex technology which PI claims is stronger, lighter and more durable for smarter cushioning and this certainly it lives up to its claim. It also comes with Syncroframe which PI claims is a guidance system which 'guides the foot for increased energy return, stability and durability' whatever that means. Finally, there is OrthoLite which is the comfort foam insoles which is supposed to keep air flow for a cool foot, odor and fungus inhibiting, wicks moistures away and is long lasting. Hurray no more wet and smelly shoes!

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