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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Super Slack Holiday

Woke up at 6am. Supposed to go for a run with the gangs at my fave running place - Pierce Reservoir. It started to pour at about 6.10am. In the end, some of the gang decided not to wait out the rain and went back to sleep. So also went back to sleep - till 11am! But in the end, glad I didn't run. Have not been feeling okay since yesterday. Stomach felt funny - hard (unfortunately not muscles) but more like wind. The Mrs said must apply yuyi oil.

At 2pm decided to go for a swim. The sky was overcast and I would describe the weather as 'gloomy' sort of like what we see in the Batman's movies. At the poolside, did a few stretches, felt a few drop of rains and heck - no motivation to do anything, gave up without even going into the water and walked back upstair and went to sleep again.

Guess I really live up to the spirit of labor day - a day for all workers to rest!


  1. whahaha...seems i more motivated den u arh :P:P in e end i woke up at 8plus and run a few rds ard my block. Sian, weather is very unpredictable, at least urs easier rain can jump down from ur house to the pool to swim lor!

  2. U think like movie, jump down from my house straight to pool? Jump down my house means no more tekko forever liao:)