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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blacken Nail and Painful Arch

1 black nail and 1 painful arch:(All on the left leg.

The painful arch is worrying. Classic symptom of plantar fasciitis. Have removed the insole for the time being and it helps. Hopefully, it does not blown into something bad.

The black toe - never had this problem for the past few years until started wearing the PI. Should I just give up wearing it for run?

Is it due to

1) new shoe? - Black toe appears only after started wearing the PI. Too loose, too wide, too tight?

2) left leg taking on a heavier workload - more impact on the left leg as I unconsciously shift impact on to left leg to reduce impact on right leg?

3) increased time spend on trying to bring up running speed? Have been putting in a little bit more time on shorter but faster runs. Still can't go below 5.30 pace though:(

4) increased mileage. Not a lot more by other's standard but have been doing more than 2 hours run on past few weekends to prepare for the upcoming half.

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