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Friday, June 08, 2007

Changi Business Park

My fave Run Route 3

Thanks to Taz, found this cool new distance plotting map at MapMyRun. Much better than Singapore Street Directory and

Changi Business Park is my usual training ground when I want to do a simple 10km run. The route is generally flat and once pass New Upp Changi Road East, there is relatively little traffic especially if running in the early morning or evening. The route can be varied by running through the various side roads or by running in the picturesque park.

The Route: 1 round starting from Eastpoint and back is app. 9.8km.
Extra 1: Instead of turning into Changi Business Park, by crossing the road to Laguna Country Club, can continue to run all the way to East Coast Park or Bedok Reservoir.

Best time to run: Early morning or evening after 7pm to avoid traffic

Facilities: Toilets available at the Expo MRT station and Expo. There is a 7-Eleven at the Singapore Expo

Fun element: There used to be a beautiful and mysterious Pulai tree which supposingly cannot/should not be cut down but it was cut down for the construction of the UNSW. Look what happened to the UNSW now! Click here for a 3D view of the tree

Danger List: Heavy vehicles along the routes at times. Can be too quiet in the evening. Certain area like the park itself is very deserted.

How to get there:
Simei MRT station & Expo MRT station.

Nearby Eat: Simei town centre

Picture of Changi Business Park from JTC Photolibrary;
picture of Pulai Tree from SPI website

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