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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Offiical Opening of Simei Covered Basketball Court

Boon Chye bought tickets for us for this Sunday and told us it was a walk-and-jog event organised by Simei CSC. So we dragged ourselves there and found out it was actually the official opening of the Blk 106 covered basketball court cum block party. But the organiser had included a short run as a prelude.

First thing first, there was a lady from Club Fitness One who led everybody (which comprises a lot of aunties and children) in a warm up aerobics session. Than came the run which was flagged off by MP for East Coast GRC, Jessica Tan.

It was a short run - approximately about 3.6km along Simei St 3, Simei Road, Upp Changi Rd, Simei Ave and back to the start. Boon Chye led the pace since there wasn't much runners. Didn't expect the aunties and the overweight RC members to really run right? For most part of the route, I was second about 100metres behind him. There was this little boy about 12 who was running alongside me. He is really good. The MP Jessica Tan is also rather fast - just slightly behind me. I estimated I was running at a 6mins pace. 100 metres to the end, stopped at the traffic light outside Changkat Sec and the boy and the MP caught up. I let the boy run ahead and pace the MP back. Wah.. damn stylo.. first time run with MP. Found out from her she runs twice a week early in the morning. Reached the end in 20 minutes which roughly works out to a 5:45 pace and I think in 4th or 5th place behind BC, the boy and the MP and another RC member. But there was no prize:( but hey the goodie bag more than made up for it.

For the $2 registration fee, (which incidentally was paid for by BC), there was a towel, banana, apple, bamboo pole stopper, 1 water saving device for placing in the cistern, mineral water) and buffet breakfast! How about that! There was also a lucky draw but unfortunately we didn't win anything.

What is an official opening of a basketball court without a basketball match... so dutifully, the organiser rolled out a match between some youths. They must be so happy now they can play basketball out of the rain and sun.

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