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Monday, July 30, 2007

Olympic Gold??

The Olympic Council is trying to prevent Oscar Pistorius from trying out for the Olympics Games. According to Olympic officials, Pistorius who runs with a pair of carbon fibre leg because he doesn’t have real legs has an unfair advantage over normal runners. Firstly, his special shoes – gives him a technological advantage over normal runners as they are lighter and ‘springier’. Further according to the official, since he doesn’t have any legs, he will not have lactic acid buildup; will not suffer leg cramp; will not have associated leg injuries problems like runner knees, shin splint blah blah blah and therefore will not feel fatigue and therefore have unfair edge over mortal human runners.

Hmm, if this is indeed the case and if all it takes is a technologically superior piece of equipment to win............

It is no secret that Singapore wants an Olympic gold medal desperately. Singapore has never been able to produce an Olympic Gold Medalist (for that matter, any medalist except Mr Tan Howe Liang) in any events in the Olympic Games.

The perfect solution is now staring us in the face.

- Despite what the Olympics people said – we need talented runners. People with natural born talent. So first thing first is to scout China and maybe Africa for talents and bring them here under the Foreign Talents scheme.
- Train them to run the 400m and above distance as the fake legs are no good for short distance running as it makes it difficult for him to get off the starting block fast.
- Next, cut off their legs and fit them with the prosthetics legs.
- Viola – natural born talents with technology advantage!

Sure to win the next Olympic gold medal. SSC, SAA and Mr LLK – what say you?

PS: I am sure the runners will have no problems losing a leg or two. After all the reward for winning an Olympic or Asian Games gold is a cool million dollar. Catch them young enough and they have many years to earn this many times over and who knows by than technology will be so advanced that the legs will look and feel like real legs.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tour de Farce

This one not on running.

The Tour de France has turned into the Tour de Farce. One could imagine that after the controversy over Lance Armstrong’s drug test, the cyclists (who I imagine are all professional) will know what to do (or rather what not to do).

Instead it has been one scandalous news after another:

First to be bump off was German Patrick Sinkewitz who failed a drug test. This was followed by Alexandra Vinokourov (banned blood transfusion). Then Cristian Moreni of Italy failed a doping test and now there is the biggest one of all Dane Michael Rasmussen. Ironically, he didn’t get bump off for failing any test. He got kicked off for telling ‘lies’ after he refused to submit to any tests post tournament.

It’s so sad. I am not a big fan of cycling and don’t indulge in the sports but have always admired Lance Armstrong when he came back from cancer to win the Tour 7 times. So the Tour was special for this reason. Now it’s a bladdy farce and a disgrace to the sporting fraternity.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inter Con Run 2007

Kena cheo to run the inter con run on 1 Sep. Last time round still recuperating from the surgery. This time look like got no choice. Gary can't seem to be able to find enough young male runner to form a proper team. M also got dragged in. Still short of 1 female runner. Anybody from Simei want to apply?

Gary came in 3rd in the Saucony Run and 8th in last week Mizuno run Veteran category but even than with him on our side, our team stand no chance. The youngster are simply too fast - they can finish the 5.6km in like 19 minutes whilst the majority of us are in the wrong end of the Open category and will be lucky if we can touch 25 minutes.

Hopefully, the start of the race will not be like the Mizuno with the bottleneck at the exit of Temasek Poly.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mizuno Wave Walk a Jog 2007

Supposed to do the Mizuno Wave Run - first time it was being held at Bedok Reservoir. The last race held there was the Real Run Terrain Race and back than I wondered how they could fit it so many runners on such a small track but they did and it was a nice run than. Hopefully, this time round it will be the same. Plus with the rain - maybe a lot of people won't turn up:)

It rained the whole of yesterday and the night and the place was going to be soggy but it was home ground for me and I didn't really care - just go and enjoy. Since there was no timing taken, I didn't expect much - just go run and collect my goodie bag at the end. I targeted to finish in 1:10:00. No PB or anything like that.

M didn't run today as she was still recovering from a cold. Reached Temasek at about 7.10am and was lucky enough to drive around and found a small corner to tuck the car in. The race didn't start until about 7.40 am becos the VIP came late. They had to do a show of it - put the whole lot of them into a mini bus and drove the bus up to the track. That was the first sign of trouble - the organiser obviously was more interested in the public relations than the running.

I was probably only about 10 metres behind the balloon arch but that was bad enough.

Race started
1.09 - crossed the start line. Very normal. No big deal
5.40 - walked/jogged to first gate of TP. What to do:(
8.56 - stucked in the 2nd bottleneck for so long. Finally managed to reach the Bedok Reservoir trail. What the %^^&*! Nearly 9 minutes for a distance of less than 400metres!
From there on, it was skipped avoid skipped as I tried to avoid stepping into the puddles of water and being hit by the splash created by other runners and also avoid being hit by other runners also skipping here and there.
31.33 - Finally exit Bedok Reservoir. Never ran so slow there before. Oh well there's always a first time. Another bottle neck. This time on the flyover above the longkang.
37.16 - 5 km. Got to run the balance 5km in under 23 minutes if I want to finish below 1 hour. Forget it - just stick to my 1:10 target. From Bedok Reservor Road, it was slightly easier to run as I choose to run on the road.
47.48 - 7 km. Hmm didn't realise I had started to run that fast. 2km in 10 minutes?
52.48 - 8 km. Can't be. Something wrong with the distance marker. Quite sure I was running not faster than 6 minutes pace.
58:00 - 9 km. Back on the trail. Back to skipping and jumping.
1.02.35 - Crossed the balloon arch. Er I thought the end point was supposed to be back at Temasek Poly? M and Kelly shouted to me. Not yet finish. Run some more! What the *%$$! Where was the end. This seems like it since everybody is walking up and down.
1.03.08 - The clock. This must be it. And yah, I think the distance was less than 10km - at most 9.5km. What a bladdy screw up.

Queued up another 1+ hour to get the goodie bag. 3 queues snaking all the way to one lousy entrance. Karen managed to get a Maxim magazine from the other event being held concurrently by Aljunied GRC. A walk a jog. With the way this event was organised - they should have just combine the 2 events together and call it Mizuno Wave Walk a Jog and don't waste the serious runners time!

On the plus side - there was adequate water points and t-shirt didn't run out. Even got Milo - first time I managed to drink Milo at a Singapore race (but actually the Milo is for the other event).

Will I join again? Why not if the goodie bag is worthwhile and I just want to do a morning jog.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


44 - 36 = $8 not a problem
42 - 21 = 21 big problem

15 more days to decide before the it become 55 - 45 and the gap increase to $10 + 11 or $9.

What should it be?

Sunday, July 15, 2007


3 days of rest. Could feel the onset of a flu on Thursday. Normally couldn't let something as small as let stop me but with so many sudden death nowadays, have to be a bit more kiasu and kiasi. Ran a slow run on Thursday evening, rest on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday was tempted to go for a run but in the end decided to rest another day. Ended up with some strength conditioning and even than, broke it into 2 sessions.

Why so kiasu? Quite sure I don't have any heart abnormalities (that I'm sure cos that could have been pick up during NS). The other major cause of sudden death is heart attack due to high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol both of which fortunately I also don't have. So I guess must be getting old. And the other thing, while I may not have all those diseases, not sure whether I have any blocked blood vessels. That is quite possible since I love to eat fatty food especially braised pork knuckles.

I guess just don't want to be another headline breaking news - not for the wrong reasons anyway.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Silly Old Me and My PI

Silly old me. Found out why I getting arch pain whenever I wear my PI.

I used half size orthotic insoles whenever I run. In my other running shoes, I have removed the original insoles (which has an arch) and replace it with a flat off the shelf purchased insole so that the arch is not 'doubled'.

When I got the PI, forgot about that and just place the orthotics insoles inside resulting in the shoes overall arches becoming artificially higher and resulting in my foot being forced upward.

It was only when changing the insole for the G2110 when I removed the insole that I saw the flat insole and it dawned on me that that could be the cause! Bingo! What a goodnu!

Now I have got for 3 10km distance with the PI without problem and no black toe as well.

And I thought I had to relegate my beautiful PI to a gym shoe:)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Saucony 100Plus Passion Run Results

Wow the official results are out. The organiser is damm efficient.

54:37 and 95 out of a field of 289.

M did even better. 58:45. Top 20 - No 19 out of a field of 85.

The ex-VRP girls also did quite okay considering 2 had not run for the past 2 weeks and I had a painful bump but still they completed in very credible time.

My neighbourhood running hero and team captain for Simei, Gary Goh was even more fantastic. 41.01 3rd

Give ourselves a big pat on the back:)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Saucony 100Plus Passion Run

Another week another race. Seems like there are so many races nowadays. So far I have done the Mizuno Mt Faber, the Real Run Terrain Race, Penang half marathon and today the Saucony 100Plus Passion 10Km race at East Coast Park. 2 weeks later there will be the Mizuno Wave Run and than next month the Army Half Marathon.

This is the first 10km race where they issued timing chip (other than the NB Real Run) and I was looking forward to it very much. I am still doubtful of my recovery and even though I had during training went below 60 minutes for 10km, I wasn't really sure of the distance and I wanted to use this race to confirm once and for all my 10km pace. The earlier 10 k race at Mt Faber didn't count - it was the first race after the operation and it was done at a very relaxed pace together with M.

The race was pretty well organised. In view of the constraint of the route, the race was split into 5 wave - 2 for the men's open, 1 for the lady's open and 1 combined for the veteran and junior. The last was the fun category. The running route was also well separated and there was no worry of running into each other. 100 plus was freely available and there was marshals all over. They also managed to keep out most of the roller bladers and cyclists.

My target was to run it under 1 hour at a comfortable pace. I still remember the 2005 NB Real Run where I did my best official 10km and promptly vomited at the end. That is what sifu Sebas called 'vomit' pace, the type of race where at the end, you are left heaving and breathing so hard that after the first sip of water, everything will come out.

By the time my wave started at 8.15 am, it was pretty hot. I was standing with DO, Dream and a few other sgrunners (I think) almost at the front. M was somewhere behind. Also saw Gary in front. When the race started, all of them disappeared from sight within seconds. Wah so fast. I ran at a slightly faster than normal pace and found it hard to breathe. Still, reach the u-turn point in 26.50 mins and I knew that I was on target for a under 60 minutes finish if I can continue at the same pace. Having run there so many times, I know the return journey alongside the chalet and the lagoon was going to be hot. Somewhere along the chalet, Charles the barebodied Hongkonger caught up with me. That guy has already ran 47 full marathons in 10 years from 1995 until 2005 and that is including 3 operations on both his knees! At the finishing point, saw Bee and Ronnie in front of me, running side by side. Looks like she has fully recovered from her fall some time ago. I crossed the line in 54:46mins which makes me very happy. I have achieved my target. M finished slightly behind in 58:43 mins, a PB for her - in fact the first time she has finished under 1 hour for a 10km run.

Now the big question for me - dare I take the challenge and go for the full distance this year end!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pain today Gone tomorrow

Just as mysteriously as it appears, the pain at the back of the knee has disappeared.

Still can't figure out what causes it. Over exercises, over stretch? Can't be since the sessions the 2 days preceding the pain appearance was quite light - a run at Bedok Res on Sunday, a 30min cycling in the gym + the usual strength training the next day. Did I pull a muscle doing maybe the leg extension? Or like read somewhere, the seat on the stationery bike was adjusted wrongly?

Guess I won't know until it reappears again.

But thank goodness it is not serious as I fear.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Cham liao. Now got pain at the back of the right knee. Felt it yesterday morning. It was okay on Sunday after the run at Bedok Res. Monday evening was just 30 mins on the stationery bike, some strength training and nothing that could have caused it. Funny thing is - there was no pain during running last evening but this morning it was more pronounced so much so that I had to apply gel and wear support knee guard.

A quick check on the net and this is the closest I can find:

"Baker’s Cyst The cyst usually occurs due to some other problem in your knee such as arthritis or even a tear of your meniscus. The swelling from this problem causes fluid to build up in your knee. This fluid pushes out the weakest point of your joint capsule surrounding your knee. This is usually to the back portion of your knee capsule, and a cyst forms. The cyst has a valve made out of your joint capsule tissue. This valve can sometimes become clogged and the fluid becomes trapped in the cyst. Thus, even when the injury has resolved, you still have the swelling in the back of your knee. This is associated with pain usually described as dull and aching. The pain is worse with prolonged walking or standing. It is sometimes improved with rest, elevation and taking pain medication." -

Is this it? So far can't see any swelling although it is difficult to look behind the knee. Anyway, I don't think there is much meniscus left in the right knee after the surgery so hopefully it will just go away with some good old icing and rest.