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Friday, July 13, 2007

Silly Old Me and My PI

Silly old me. Found out why I getting arch pain whenever I wear my PI.

I used half size orthotic insoles whenever I run. In my other running shoes, I have removed the original insoles (which has an arch) and replace it with a flat off the shelf purchased insole so that the arch is not 'doubled'.

When I got the PI, forgot about that and just place the orthotics insoles inside resulting in the shoes overall arches becoming artificially higher and resulting in my foot being forced upward.

It was only when changing the insole for the G2110 when I removed the insole that I saw the flat insole and it dawned on me that that could be the cause! Bingo! What a goodnu!

Now I have got for 3 10km distance with the PI without problem and no black toe as well.

And I thought I had to relegate my beautiful PI to a gym shoe:)

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