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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mt KK Climbathon

Fortunately and definitely not qualified to do this. My only association with it is a friend is doing this and after 7 months of training, they are finally going off on Friday to Kota Kinabalu.

NTUC Club held a big bash at the Legends, Fort Canning to send off the 13 runners comprising of 11 guys and 2 ladies. Real big bash - MP Guest of Honour; Malaysian Dato Minister, buffet dinner, fire eating performance etc etc and I was there to enjoy the food:)

This is the 2nd year NTUC Club is sponsoring the Singapore team. Last year, a few of the sgrunners took part. This year sgrunners presence is down to 1. Last year only 3 of the team members managed to complete the race within the cut off time. So in good typical traditional Singapore style - to avoid the same fate, import foreign talent! This year they rope in 6 Gurkhas! I suppose they think the Gurkhas hailing from a similar background will be able to complete it and do the team proud.

Anyway, the whole team is a winner already - to be able to go through the vigorous training and to be able to compete in what is billed as the toughest mountain race on earth. Good luck and God speed to everybody in the team and especially to Terence.

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