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Friday, August 17, 2007

Running Lab Thu Night Run

Reached a bit late about 6.45 pm and there were only a few runners waiting. Went to the changing room to change and when came out suddenly the shop was bustling with people. Within 5 minutes, there were so many runners and a number of new faces. Total of 36 today. Ayin couldn't make it, Eddie was late so it was left to Ben and me to jaga them.

Ben did the warm up + cool down - I kaypoh here kaypoh there trying to find out who running what distance and gauge their level of fitness without appearing too condescending or disconcerting. A number of the new comers indicated will do the shorter distance but in the end almost everybody went all the full 10km or if not at least 8km.

Poor Ben and me had to chiong up and down to make sure nobody pengsan or got kidnapped:). At the floating platform on the return leg, walked back with a new guy.

All in, without counting the walking, probably did a 8.5km distance sort of fartlek - so still got a pretty good workout in the end.

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