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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Life is Great - Great Eastern Women 10K Race

Yeah - life is great for the women runners. Another Sunday, another all women's race. A crowd of about 8000 turned up for the 2nd Great Eastern Women 10K Race. The men simply don't have it so good. There was ice cream, unlimited bananas, cereal, flowers and a cute little medal and great atmosphere despite the heat.

Surprisingly, only a few of the sgrunners took part. Bee, Brokie, Ripley, Sassy, Doremon and a few others (don't know their nick though). On the other hand, the whole gang of ladies took part this year. M came in around 55 mins followed closely by Karen. The rest still has a little bit to go before hitting below 1 hour. Work harder ladies! It just within grasp!

The prize money for this must be good to attract a few foreigners. Vivian Tang was beaten into 5th place by the foreigners. Even Suzanne Walsham came in 2nd behind a Kenyan.




  1. Tekko,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yeah, I've heard great things about MacRitchie and lots of people said it's the running mecca in Singapore. Is it well-marked and will it be easy to navigate if I run alone?

    Great blog & videos !!

  2. Thanks Tekko. Yes, definitely I'll take your offer to run in MR. I think it will be a great to have someone to run with for the 1st time. Don't worry about paces, sometimes I run fast, sometimes I run very slow. I'll email or PM you later.