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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Running Withdrawal

I'm grouchy and in a big bad mood and everybody at home is avoiding me cos I suffering from running withdrawal:(

Wanted to run home from office today. Had not done that for the past 1 year and had been trying to fit a run into my schedule. Finally today seem like an opportune time since I trying to hit 60km this week and my last long run was on Saturday morning - enough time to space out the mileage.

It started to rain at 5pm. I was happy at that point. Once the rain stop, it will be perfect weather for doing the 20km home. As expected, the rain stopped around 6pm. Waited until 6.30 before setting off from office. All was fine until I hit the Esplanade Bridge. The sky was a fiery black and the wind was so strong even the ice-cream man's umbrella got all squished up. The rain started coming down in sheets and with lighting and thunders flashing all around, I took shelter at the Esplanade. I knew than the run was screwed. With another 19km to go and with the weather in such foul mood, there was no way I can take the chance and run home.

After waiting 10 mins, I reluctantly walked to City Hall MRT before taking a train back to office, mood as black as the weather. I should not have bothered but just go home early. At least, could have easily put in an hour of running in the gym. By the time reach home, too late to do anything - no time for gym, too late to do any workout since dinner is now also pushed back.

What a freaky waste of a day!


  1. Tough luck. Doing short training runs in the rain is not that bad since you'll never know whether it's going to run or not on race day. But 20k in the rain is definitely too long.

  2. Hi welcome back to Singapore. Hope to see u around the running circuits. Do join us at Running Lab every Thursday evening for a short run if you are free.