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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Asics 2120

2nd shoe purchase in a week. Got my Asics 2120. Too late to season it for the big out tomorrow. It has my favourite colour. But only a little bit. Most of it on the sole. So for good measure, got a pair of Sole footbed to complement it. Ha ha!

2 down 2 to go. Was hoping to get the TNF Arnuva 50. But saw the 100 at RL and it is black and orange - so now I think I get the 100 instead. Hopefully, they can have my size soon. Last pair after seeing the Spira - very tempt to just buy 1 to try out. But Zoots got new shoe out - also very tempting to try that as well... hmmm decisions decisions........ Maybe will go for the one that comes in my fave colour.

Date of Purchase: 23 December 2007

Cost: $198.00

Purchase from: Running Lab Funan

Worn in Race:

6 April 2008 Couples Run
23 April 2008 JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge
6 August 2008 Saucony 100 Plus Passion Run 2008
10 August 2008 Pearl Izumi Pure Run
24 August 2008 Army Half Marathon
12 October 2008 Borneo Marathon
1 March 2009 Netwon Run
15 March 2009 Suburban Run

Retired: 12 September 2009

Total Mileage: 577.81km

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