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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nike+ Sports Band

I just found the device I been looking for for a long long time. The Nike+ SportBand. Was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Nike preview of their latest product Prior to the preview, didn't even know such a device exist.
So what exactly is the Nike+ SportsBand? Basically, it is just different version of the Nike+ that works together with the IPod. It functions as a normal watch but can record pace, calorie and distance. No heart rate though but that is fine with me since I still don't think I can get use to wearing a 'bra' chest strap:)

It is stylish looking (comes in black only at the moment), light and as the name implies, meant to be worn around the wrist like a watch. Usage is easy. Out of the box, it is 95% accurate without calibration and 98% accurate with calibration. Calibration is easy. Just run more than 400m (preferably at a track) and upload the run info to the Nike+ website and amend the record. The sportsband is charged via USB to a computer and battery life is 16 hours for recording and up to months if just use as a watch. 16 hours is sufficient for people like me. I don't see myself running that long not in the near future and even distant future. To start tracking distance, just press a button (there are only 2) for 3 seconds and than press again and its off. Download the run detail straightaway to the Nike+ website (another advantage)not pc bound. I can go on and on about its ease of use but unfortunately, at the moment it is not yet launch in Singapore. Launch date is supposed to be in mid May so meanwhile, I guess have to start looking for a Nike shoe:)