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Monday, May 05, 2008

Ugly Shoes II

Came across what is positively the ugliest normal looking shoe ever. This one beats the MBT hand down in the area of looks or rather non-look. The picture here doesn't do justice to its actual ugliness.

German design and manufactured in Korea it is almost the same as the MBT or at least that's what the info on its website claimed.

It is build with a elevated heel about 1 inch off the ground. The idea is for the user to step down on the heel and roll forward much like the MBT. What it has done away with is the soft middle sole of the MBT so that the shoes now resemble a ladies high heel shoes with the high heel broken off. Like the MBT, it is expensive, at $428 a good $50 more than the MBT.

Check it out the next time you are at Novena Square. Only than can you appreciate how ugly it can be.

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