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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saucony Phoenix 3

The Running Lab is have a project amply called Project Love Sneaker in which the store is taking in used sports shoes in good condition for a $50.00 voucher which can be used against the purchase of selected brand of running shoes at their 2 outlets. The collected shoes will be given to the Salvation Army for distribution to needy in other countries. This is a good opportunity for those who have retired running shoes gathering dust at home to do a bit for charity and get something in return.

Decided on impulse to trade in my oversized NB 1220. The choice of shoes include range from NB, Mizuno, North Face, Zoot and Saucony. Cheapskate me opted for the cheapest shoe available, the Saucony Grid Phoenix 3.

According to the Saucony website, the Grid Phoenix 3 is designed to provide runners of all levels with the perfect blend of cushioning, stability and performance. Offering lightweight flexibility with rearfoot support and fore and rearfoot cushioning, the Phoenix is suitable for so many runners. It come under the Stability category (which is fine for me since all my shoes are stability shoes) and has the following:

Last: Contour - EAS for biomechanical correction
Upper Technologies - Airmesh Upper for lightweight breathability
Midsole Technologies - EVA midsole for responsive cushioning
Rearfoot Grid for Stable Cushioning
Rearfoot HRC for responisive impact absorbtion
Forefoot HRC for dynamic toe-off
HRC Strobel Board for foot-in comfort
Dual density for pronation control
Midfoot Bridge for support
Outsole Technologies - XT900 rubber compound heelstrike
XT900 rubber compound rearfoot
b/cR rubber compound forefoot.

Actually, I don't really care about all these mumbo jumbo things. I choose my shoes mainly on 3 factors - suit my foot type, must be affordable and come in my fav color.

For the Phoenix 3, it met 2 of the 3 and so I forked out $89.00 after the $50.00 trade in for it. Worn it straightaway for the Thursday Night Run along the forever under construction Esplanade/Marina Promenade. I must said it felt good, in fact surprisingly light but the only problem was I think it is a bit too small. Originally tried on a size 12 (my regular size) but somehow at that moment, it felt a bit too loose. In the end settled for size 11 (they don't have size 11.5). Using the standard 1 finger width test, it seems okay but halfway through, could felt the toes curling up. Sianz - from an oversized shoe to an undersized shoe. What a klutz!

Came back and replace the orthotics insole with the Sole custom footbed. Hopefully, this will help a bit on the space problem as it is lower and smaller than the orthotics sole. And yah, the Sole footbed is orange in color:)

Date of Purchase: 3 July 2008

Cost: $89.00 (after $50.00 trade in voucher)

Purchased from: Running Lab Funan

Worn in Races: Nil

Retired: 30 June 2009

Total Mileage: 406.78km

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