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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Upp Seletar Reservoir

Went up to Lower Peirce Reservoir (yes a nice 'cher reminded that it is spelled 'Peirce' and not 'Pierce') for the weekend run. The intention was to run part of the Animiles route until Seletar Reservoir hopefully covering 15km. Basically the route covers the usual Lower Peirce, Old Upp Thomson Rd, Upp Thomson Rd, Mandai Rd and Upp Seletar Park. The weather was good but what was memorable was the whiff of durian along the way. Shiok! There were many people lining the roads waiting for the durian from the abandoned farms to drop so that they can get their free durians!

The reward for the run was unfortunately not the durian but the nice view of Upp Seletar Reservoir from the Watch Tower. Was wondering where the path to the left and right leads to and decided to come back another day to explore it.
Pictures from Npark website

Well, that another day came sooner than expected. The next day (Sunday), originally supposed to go run the 3 Hills but last minute, the 'Westerner' in our group couldn't make it so decided to switch back to the North East where majority of the running kakis stay. So we ended back at Peirce but this time we started at Upp Peirce and ran to Upp Seletar and followed the perimeter of the reservoir (Mandai Rd side only). That extra loop wasn't too long probably another 1.5km including the run down to the main road.

A nice place to go especially in the early morning. Toilets are available near both Carpark A & B but the distances within the park itself is too short to make it a suitable place to do long run. Maybe interval?

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