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Sunday, August 03, 2008

New Trail Route

Look at the pictures. Just discovered this wonderful place to run.

Shady trail
Wide Open in the sun trail
Soft ground
Ground with granite chips but still better than concrete
Of course also got the more difficult part very rocky + uphill too
Challenging course

River crossing!

Plenty of meadering up hill slopes
The rewards at the top of the knoll. (Wish Aram was here. He could have taken a mean 360 of the whole scenery and no trees to block the view!)
Nice view
Recognise the neighbourhood?
More pictures here


Really a challenging place to run - with plenty of upslopes and different type of terrain. Wide open area with very few runners unlike MR where it is overcrowded with runners and walkers.

Conveniently located 15 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station or 5 minutes by feeder bus

According to my 'tour guide', the route can amount up to 10km but with so many side trails, the distance can easily be doubled.


No toilet or changing room facilities
No water available.
No street lighting (it's a trail after all!)
Main part of trail park not sheltered. Can be very hot!

So where is this place? Unfortunately not supposed to tell (although I think it's probably an open secret) but anybody interested in running there can email me or pm me at sgrunners. We can do a nice run one of this weekend!


  1. nice terrain.. if only there is more shade!

  2. Hi there, thank you for dropping by. That is the Tampines Mountain Bike park. It is now much reduced in size. We running there on 1 January 2012. Check out the details here: Join us if you are free.