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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming to an end?

My mother used to say that if got no problem, don’t go and see the doctor. If not, sure end up with problem. Sometime such old wives tales – it’s so laughable and yet ….. On Saturday went over to CGH for the Runners Seminar and met up with my doctor, Jason Chia and company. Now, just merely 4 days later, I think I have to go back and see him again – this time not for another seminar but for my knee. Old wives tale?

After almost 1 year and 9 months, the )&$*#* knee has flared up again. I knew I was in trouble when the knee sounded funny at the trail part during the AHM. It was making a sort of cracking rubbing sound every time I bent it. This went on until Monday night when I decided to go for a swim. Hey presto, after the swim no more sound. Good news? No because it was replaced by a swollen knee and a sharp acute pain whenever I straighten the leg as when getting up from a chair. This looks like 2006 all over again. I think something (the remaining meniscus perhaps?) have broken off and is now irritating the joint.

Again like the last time, I am able to run without any problem. I went for a short run with the I-Run people and it was okay. No pain, no nothing. So what the hell should I do now? Still without sufficient mileage and with the Borneo marathon coming up in just 5 weeks, how am I going to clock enough mileage for it? Should I just forget about it and leave M disappointed? Or just do it and bear the consequences later? And I still have the SCSM to come! Thank goodness I haven’t sign up for the Real Run.

Look like if really have to go for 1 more round of surgery, I might as well hang up the running shoes for good.


  1. Sorry to hear that....hope u will recover from this and run knees are feeling funny nowadays also.....dunnoe whether ending up like u also

  2. Go see Dr Chia - see what he says. This kinda money cannot seng one. No pain doesn't necessarily mean good leh (:

    And really, about Borneo, even if you don't do go for holiday lor - M will understand la.

    Let me know what the diagnosis and prognosis this time round is?


  3. Tough decisions! My two cents worth is to consult Dr Chia and take the longer term perspective. Like we talked about today, run injury free!

  4. Hi Cokiee & Ong,

    Thanks for the concern. Maybe I over react. Seems like okay liao. Will see how it develop first.