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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Runners Forum @ CGH

Attended a Runners Forum conducted by Changi General Hospital. Goodnu me. Thought the thing starts at 2.30pm. 10 mins past 2 still happily eating lunch at home. 5 mins before 2.30pm took out the piece of admission ticket and realised start time was 2pm. What a bozo! Missed Dr Jason Chia's talk as a result!

The talk was very useful. A lot of useful tips but could be longer though. 2 hours definitely not enough. Found out contrary to what some websites said - forefoot is not the same as mid foot and of course me has been running on forefoot and not mid foot as I have thought! Time to readjust again:( Many other useful tips + food and all for $4.00. Possibly the cheapest and 'bestest' talk in town!

Also met many of the sgrunners there and of course the nice people from Changi Sports Medicine Centre, the people behind this talk. Quite surprised that a number of them remembered me - after more than a year and a half. Dr Chia remembered me by sight, David of course I bumped into quite often on the way to/from work and Darek, the physio who remembered me by name and even where I stayed! Considering that they see so many patients a day and after such a long lapse, really touched that they can remember me. Just show how much attention and care they pay to their patients!

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