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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Running Souvenir

Got these beauty of a souvenir from my running.

These 3 from the just over SCSM:

Black Toenail on left foot

2 Black Toenails on the right foot

Funny thing is I been wearing the North Face Arnuva 50 Boa for so long already and never had this problem. Even worn it for the PI Pure Run 30km run and the last long run of 34km at East Coast Park last month. So this was a real surprise. 3 black toenails. This is a record!

Now this beauty on the right little toe is also courtesy of the North Face Arnuva 50 Boa. Again a new experience. The only cause of it that I can think of was I was wearing a pair of Nike socks and not my usual Wright socks. And this is since 25 October. Hmm that seem kinda long for a dried up blister - which is basically what I think it is. Maybe I should get a scissor or knife and just slice it off?

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