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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Running causes injuries?

There was this article in Saturday (20 Dec 2008) Straits Time that reported on a research by local scientists that runners are more prone to injuries than triathletes. I can hear all my relatives and friends going " I told you so!" According to the article, the scientists came to this conclusion after doing a sampling survey of 500. Their conclusion was that the triathletes had less injuries as compared to long distance runners as triathletes run less.

Now I don't know what the purpose of the research was but I don't think it is rocket science to figure out if you run less, the chances of getting a running related injuries is reduced. Likewise, the more a swimmer swim, the higher chances he may get into a water related mishap as compared to someone who never swim and don't go into a pool or sea. Ditto a cyclist. Don't cycle on the road - no injuries from traffic accidents. So it is very natural that the more you do an activity, be it running, swimming, cycling or even typing, the higher the probability of getting a related injury.

On the other hand, if the research was undertaken to prove that running is bad, then I think it is even more silly. Runners does seem to have more injuries but that is I think because of the sheer number of people who runs as compared to say play football or badminton. I think footballers get more injuries than runners. Likewise, weightlifter and gymasts. Think sprain ankle, torn ligament, slip disc, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow. So no I don't think running causes injuries.

In any case, as Charles Wu, the guy interviewed in the article and whom I had the pleasure of making his acquaintances a few years ago while running along the ECP said, "the benefits of running far outweight the cost".

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