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Monday, June 22, 2009

How the Old Man got Blister in the Swimming Pool

My friends are laughing their head off over this silly old man who goes swimming and get blisters on the sole. How indeed does one get blister in an environment where there is more than ample liquid to lubricate the whole body and probably 10 elephants as well?

You see, after deciding to have a run break and reading somewhere that running in water is a good alternative, Uncle here decided to try it out. Only problem is - the pool at my place was only 1.2m deep throughout and me being all of 1.81m tall, was already looking like a giraffe standing in the water so I figured a flotation belt will make me look even more cartoon. And anyway, with my long legs, I think it's not gonna keep me afloat in a 1.2m pool.

So I did the next best thing. Just run in the water. Now the pool is app 40m in length so it actually made for quite a good workout or so I thought. I started with 10 laps running up and down the length of the pool. It actually was quite tough; the effort needed to lift the legs to move forward and to stay upright was incredible. Like most pool in condo, the pool was beautifully tiled in various colors. Only problem is, some of the tiles were the smooth type and some non-slip and as I ran, I had to grip hard (or at least do a semblance of griping hard) on the pool floor to prevent myself from making a fool out of meself. Hmm come to think of it I might be better off just running on ground?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the blisters came after 1 had completed 20 laps but gung ho me decided to do another 10 more for good measures. And when I got out of the pool finally, not only was there 1 blister on the ball of the left foot, the blister on the right had burst and the darned thing was bleeding! I think I shan't post the pic here. It doesn't look too nice.

And so here is the story of the day the old man got blister in the swimming pool.

So what's next? maybe a pair of water booties?


  1. wei, you suppose to SWIM. not run, aiyo.

    :S that explain your Blister la.

  2. but uncle here only know how to run leh so no choice