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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Men in Tights

This post is not for ladies. But I sure this disclaimer is not going to stop you young sweet ladies from reading on.

Was doing some editing of the photos and Alicia started laughing and going yeek....

What did she saw? Men in tights! and her observations? Man and tights don't go well together. Especially is the family jewel is rather er big or get moved about in transition.

Here's a close up view
And so guys, if you are reading this, be careful. You never know who staring or rather which part of you they staring at. Especially if you are wearing blue!


  1. I would bet that you are among the subset of women who chant, "My eyes are up here - not down there". Stop complaining about men staring at your breasts that are purposely placed on display by tops and dresses designed specifically to enhance and draw attention to your decolletage. If you have a problem with that, wear a nun's habit - obviously, you prefer to see men dressed in the male wardrobe equivalent.

  2. Since when does I look, talk or even remotely resemble a lady? And what does my post got anything to do with women's dressing?

  3. Guys, you really need to brush up on your English.

  4. I dont know who u are. from this website, i think u r really suck.

    Be humble.

  5. Dear Albert & Kelvin - whoever you guys are. Welcome to the wonderful world of running.

    For Albert - this is a running blog not an English writing blog. Want prim and proper English? Go read an encyclopedia.

    For Kelvin - I think you suck too. Of so many posts here, you choose this particular one. You must be one of those with a fetish for men in tights?

  6. If I had a package as small as these guys in these pics, you wouldn't EVER catch me wearing tights! LOL

    1. Do you put the same detail to small and large on female breasts?