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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I been up to

So the first week of my self-imposed run break has passed. What has I been up to? Apart from eat, work and sleep.

Monday - Went to the gym did some weights
Tuesday - Swim a bit, ran a bit (in the pool) and did a bit of weights
Wednesday - Sat on the stationery bike in the gym for 30 mins and did some more weights
Thursday - Did a 7km jog (not run)
Friday - Slack one hundred percent. Actually not true. Walked a lot - from Suntec to Marina and back to Suntec + explore basement 2 carpark at Suntec. Does that count as exercise?
Saturday - As promised at the start, worked out on the abs for 2 hours solid.. burb.
Sunday - Swim and run in the pool and kena 2 blisters on the sole of the foot. *^%$( that's why I don't like swimming!

Oh and by the way, those people who chanced upon this blog - I am not Guy Odgen so don't come here looking for him. Try Athlon Running. One look at my race timing posted on this page will tell that Tekko is not Guy. Hmmm wondered what gave them the impression?


  1. Err.... U ran in the pool and kena blisters?

    That's so funny. =D

  2. It's going to be even funnier if I tell you I cycle in the gym and got blister on my bum:(

  3. Hehe... not really leh...
    I used to get that all the time when I cycle.
    That is till I changed to wearing cycling tights. =D

  4. Ah tights. Look out for my next post on tights:)