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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shape Run 2009

Today is the 4th Shape Run for the ladies and this is what they got for their money:

Oh and of course the run. This year they had a new route starting from Republic Ave instead of the usual Esplanade Bridge. Interestingly, they choose to start the 10km and 5km race 5 mins apart which only means trouble for the 10km runners as they will be likely to run into the recreational 5km runners at the last part. Also, on the way to the race, noticed they had closed off part of the road outside Marina Square with signs saying running in progress but later heard that the runners didn't run there. More screw up: they had a finisher bracelet which I thought was a nice change from the usual finisher medal. But they choose not to give it to the runners when they cross the finish line but left the whole lot unwatch and in the open and many runners were just helping themselves to more than 1. Heard later that they ran out and some runners did not get it. The finishing line was outside Millennia Walk but it was franked between 2 construction sites and very narrow and cramped without much space for the supporters.

Apart from that, the weather was kind to the ladies, there was free Vitagen and yoghurt, corn flakes etc so I think it wasn't too bad all in.

M did fairly well despite her lack of running in recent weeks. Surprisingly, most of the ladies from sgrunners  were missing. Did they miss the registration?


  1. I was 1 of those who didn't get the finisher bracelet and I'm quite pissed about it. ARGH!

    And I didn't get the Vitagen and yogurt too =(

    Anyway I'm trying to google for blogs of girls who didn't get the bracelet too, and found ur blog. =X

  2. Hi Amigo, so sad to hear you didn't get the bracelet. Next time immediately after the race, go and collect all the goodies first before chitchatting with friends