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Monday, July 27, 2009

Too much too soon

Of course as usual I raised my hope too much too soon. May be because the AHM is just a mere 3 weeks away and I haven't put in the desired mileage, got a bit kancheong and after Saturday's run which end sufficiently okay, pushed my luck and went for another run on Sunday evening at Bedok Reservoir.

First round was pretty slow. Took 27+ mins to complete as compared to M who ran it in 24+. Nevermind, it was just a warm up round. Just about 500 metres before the end of the 1st round, a big group of runners ran past me. The feeling wasn't too good. Got pride you know. So decided to pick out the slower runners in the group and use them for target practice. As every runner worth its salt knows, the shiokness of catching up and overtaking runners in front cannot be described. But then again it's probably the male ego but heck whatever, I speed up and overtook 5 of them before one of them overtook me again. But after that he ran out of gas and started walking so I overtook him again. Ha ha. This time round I completed the round in slightly over 23 mins and of course I paid the price.

The shin pain is back. So dragged myself to my Chinatown master today to see whether he can perform any miracle. Unfortunately he got many patients today so got attended to by his Mrs. Surprisingly, she seems quite knowledgeable and at least she was more talkative and willing to explain unlike Master Lee who grunts away most of the time.

Told her about the shin, the ball of the foot and the PF. And she asked to see the knee? Then she explained that the alignment from the knee down to the foot is out which result in the leg being weak which will cause problems. She further pointed out that the problem with the ball of the foot was due to the constant pounding as in running (note that at this point I haven't told her I runs). However, to treat all the problems she has to realign the foot and this she promptly did by twisting the foot from the knee down. Heng ah, this one no pain. After that she pronounced that I should feel that my leg is more flexible. Is it? I really couldn't feel any difference.

Next she proceeded to prod the shin and she said this one cannot anyhow rub. She just did a light rubdown before plastering 5 to 6 pieces of 'ko-yo' on it. After that she rub the ball of the foot and finally the heel where she claimed she can feel the stiffness and you guess it, proceeded to twist and push the foot. Aaaaaarg. So bladdy painful. But after all, what is without pain? After that it's more plasters. So now my leg from the knee down is plastered left right center with ko-yo but except for the strong smell, can feel that the leg feels better. Or is it psychological?


  1. Can only imagine how your leg looks like now! If it works, please let me know. I may have to see your master as well.

  2. What's wrong with your leg? The Chinese sinseh only good for certain things so may not be suitable. Does it works - I think a lot of it is all in the mind

  3. Hi tekko, which chinatown master did you visit to see your foot?

  4. Hi Auron,

    PM you the message at the sgrunners forum.