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Monday, August 10, 2009

Nike LunarGlide+

Been meaning to get the Nike Lunarglide+ cos the latest version comes in my fav color but how does it wears? So jumped at the chance to try it out when Nike did a shoe trial at Bedok Reservoir, leg be dammed!

The trial shoes come in black with orange sole for the men and white with orange for the ladies although from the website, there are more color options available.

The size 12 I got was wide enough. After the experience with the Lunar, was a bit concerned that the width will be too narrow but this one seems roomy enough. We did a short run round the reservoir plus 2 short run up the killer slope covering about 6km.

First feel of the shoe was that it was comfortable enough. At around 300gm, it was light too. Unfortunately, for the most part we were running on the reserovoir trail and the ground was soft so couldn't really feel the extent of the cushioning. It held well enough on the trail though. The short distance and the surface plus the easy pace means that I couldn't really put the shoes to a more vigorous testing but I like what I feel so far.

So I guess I will go ahead and get a pair since the RL is offering a 30% discount off its shoes for the TNR which means the shoes will cost slightly over a $100.00 worth the money if it can survive for 500km.

For a more detail and solid review of the shoe, read this

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