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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Click-4-Klick Prelude

Another day to go before the end of the year. Gonna spent the start of the year at 2 reservoirs. At around 2 am in Bedok Reservoir and thereafter sometime in the morning at MacRitchie supporting Wonder Woman in her quest to raise funds for the needy.

A rather meaningful way to start the year I suppose. So far, according to the latest update from the blog, nearly $20,000.00 has been raised. Not bad considering that the publicity was limited and started very late. However, this is still far off the target of $50,000.00.

So friends, why not start 2010 on a feel good mood and pledge your support for this worthy event. And if you and your family are free, come down to MacRitchie on Friday to witness this extraordinary lady doing her wee little bit.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


The year is over. Time for a review.

2009 started off well with some new races in the first half of the year such as the Newton Run; Suburban Run and a Valentine Day Run. For the former and the new POSB Run for Kids in July, instead of participating as a runner, we volunteered as 'Run Pacer' and had heck of a nice time. Maybe if the opportunity arises in 2010, will volunteer for more of such events.

Apart from that bright spark, 2009 was a bit of a disappointment. In spite of the many new races, I did only 7 races, having had to sit out the Singapore Bay Run/Army Half Marathon and choosing to skip the SCSM. The longest race distance was only 15km. Compare this with 2008 when I did 10 events including 2 full marathons.

The main problem was the series of injuries that hit me - first an unidentified foot pain in February, then mild plantar fasciitis followed by a stress fracture and finally an ankle sprain. Anyway, with the very much reduced mileage (now only 20km a week), the problems seems to have been contained and hopefully 2010 will be less problematic.

Looking back at my 2009 resolutions, I managed to keep 1 ha ha and that is not to run a full marathon this year. Unfortunately for the other 2, I still waiting. Maybe will never be kept but so be it.

So what lies ahead in 2010? Let me sleep on it for a while.

Friday, December 25, 2009

SCSM 2009 Pictures Memories

A little bit late but here are some memories of the SCSM 2009

Never let some silly little excuses stop you

Weight - no problem
Obese - no big deal
Leg pain. Get a walking stick
Wheel chair also can
Age? It's all in the mind
Cannot see? Get a helper
How about this 2? Is one of them blind too?
This guy says it all
Please don't cry
But if you must cry, a towel to dry your tears will be helpful
All in the family:
Ah Kong and Ah Ma?
Father and child
Husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend?
Hmm how did they do it?
1 FM and 1 HM and yet the twain met?
Some dancing to take the mind off the race
Thank God no armpit hair!
Ice cream on the mind?
No ice cream, shirt also can
Some air for the tummy
Unzip for the breast, umph sorry chest
Better still. Take it all off and cover the head as well
The 'first' local lady to cross the FM finish line!
Her time? Gun Time: 3:05:38 but unfortunately no prize for her
She DNQ big time
My apologies if anybody featured here is offended.

More photos here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Eyes 4 Eyes

After 40 years of being a 4-eyes monkey, I finally took the first step towards liberating myself from the specs. But did I waited too long? My bro did it when it was first introduced to this part of the world. He was damn gungho. He was in KL, heard about it, walked into the only hospital in Malaysia offering lasik at that time and did it there and then. Pre-op assessment, op all in one go. That was like more than10 years ago. Then a few years ago, the little sis did it and even drove herself home after the op.

Why did I wait so long? I really don't know. Just didn't feel any urgency then but somehow last month on one rainy evening with nowhere to go, ended up at one of the free talk and felt convinced enough to finally sign up.

So did I waited too long? The assessment today didn't turn out well. First I had dry eyes and with that according to the doctor, the probability of regression is increased. And worse, there is signs of early stage cataract (yeah that's how old I am) which means if the cataract become full grown within the next 2 years, I will have wasted the money on the lasik. And I haven't even mentioned the 老花眼 which will means I still need reading glasses.

So it looks like I will not be specky free after all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's ain't Easy

Once in a while to take a break from running, will try to attempt something new. Of course, most of the time, it makes me look like a silly old tod.

Went with the Princess to this place at Orchard Central with the fancy name BorderX which was supposed to have the highest indoor rock climbing wall in South East Asia. They have 2 options. A rock climbing wall and a wall known as a Ferrata (or something like that) which was actually the same climbing wall but with metal steps all the way up to the top.

Being kiasu people, and to get our money worth, opted to climb the taller wall. Pay more must get money worth so must climb more. Very simple logic. And beside, I have never attempt rock climbing before. Those metal steps look so much easier even though it was much higher. Just climb up. Piece of cake.

We were supposed to go up in pair. The Princess went first. She has done rock climbing on and off since primary school so it shouldn't be a problem.
But of course, looks can be so deceiving. Just a quarter way up, we were stuck as we tried to negotiate a climb to the right. Man, it need hell of a lot of strength to hold on and eventually pull ourselves up to the overhung where we got stuck again.
Eventually we made it - all 30metres of it to the top. And I felt like I conquered Mt Everest. Ha ha. And we reward ourselves for the hard labour with a nice treat at Ben and Jerry!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I recorded the fastest time for MR Route 4. 1:06:59. So happy. Big thrill.

But of course for some people, this type of time is like what so big deal - not even sub 60!

But for me hor - after 3 years this is the best so far and that is after walking the whole of the super rocky path parallel to the SICC course and starting at 9am after the sun had come up.

Nice feel good way to end the running for the rest of the year, perhaps?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Everybody loves a challenge. I guess in my list of acquaintances and friends, none more so than this lady, Kelly. She among all that I know has ran the most marathon and ultra marathons. 38 in all in the past 8 years!

To kick off 2010, she has decided to take on not 1 but 2 challenges.

1) Challenge no 1 - to run non-stop for 30 hours and to cover 160km in the process
2) Challenge no 2 - to raise $50,000.00 for the President's Challenge.

I really have to salute her (actually if I am in camo, I have no choice ~ she is a Major in the SAF) but it is her mental strength that amazes me. Read more about her races adventure here.

Back to the 2 challenges, on 1 January 2010 at 3am she will start running circles at Bedok Reservoir before running from there to MacRitchie Reservoir where she will continue running the 10.5km trail until she hit 30 hours. She hopes supporters and friends will help her to complete the challenge by donating generously to the President's Challenge either with an outright donation or a pledge of an amount ($1 or more) for every kilometre ran.

Unlike most fund raising projects, all donations received for Click-4-Klick will go directly to the President's Challenge. There will be no deductions of fund raising expenses, admin charges etc. So please donate generously.

For more information on the challenge and how you can make a donation or pledge, click here. For more information on the President's Challenge, click here.

Monday, December 07, 2009

SCSM 2009

It was a cool, cloudy breezy morning. As I sat there, perched on a railing on Esplanade Bridge watching the initial runners come in, there was a small twinge of regret that I was not out there running in such nice weather. But then the human jam came and mayhem broke out not just for the runners especially the poor FM runners but even for us supporters as we tried valiantly to look out for known faces. It was frustrating trying to spot familiar faces and I can imagine even more so for the weary runners trying to weave in and out especially as they attempt to breach that last 200metres and hopefully get a PB or achieve the target.

So I was reminded again of why I choose to sit this out (aside from my laziness to train) and was contended enough to just soak in the atmosphere and take some pictures.

M who had originally also decided to sit this out with her loving hubby (ahem) was roped in as a last minute replacement for a friend who gave up on the HM. So poor loving hubby had to wake up early after all and go down early (original plan was to reach the padang at 7am). Found myself a good spot to watch the runners steaming in and sat there for 5 hours holding in the pee. Actually was quite tempted to just let go on some of the walkers below me ha ha but that would means I will end up having free lunch and possibly dinner so no choice but to tahan until most of friends have passed (if I could spot them in the first place).

Anyway, to all those who completed the race, whether it is 10k, HM or FM, whether you plod or run, your heart will thank you for it. Not too sure what your legs will said though but well done. Get a nice rest and see you next race.

Photos will be up by Wednesday (hopefully). Check back here.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Running the Marathon for Plodders Part 6 The Final Chapter

By the time you read this, you will either
1) be walking like a duck or
2) celebrating your achievement or
3) doing both the above

But whatever it is, congratulations on completion of the full/half marathon. Maybe you did much better, got a PB, maybe you didn't do so well and really ended up walking the main bulk of the race - but whatever it is - you completed and you survived to read this crap. And if you are really reading this - please do share some of your feelings during the race.

Look back - what went well. Think of everything that you did right and consistently apply them to the next races.

And those things that went wrong? What are they? What caused them? And more importantly how to overcome them in future.

Did you get cramps? If so, at what distance? Getting cramps too early may imply you were running too fast, much faster than your normal training pace. Getting cramps after the 30km is fairly usual. But it should not be so. Likely cause is insufficient mileage. The legs just couldn't take the constant pounding. Need to run longer distance in future training lor.

Hit the wall. Ah the dread wall. How to describe it? It is like you have totally no strength to even walk. You simply can't move. Does this sound familiar. I hope not. But if it did happened, it is usually because of insufficient training. Mileage as well as time. How to train for this? I like to think that you need to run for hours and hours just so that the body can get accustomed to being out in the sun and pounding away for 4 - 5 hours. Distance is not so important here. More the amount of time spent.

Walking around in circle or like a drunk. Did you see anybody doing that or maybe you yourself was doing it? This is a classic sign of dehydration and impending heatstroke. Remedy is simple - drink water consistently.

Anything else that happened to cause you to not do so well or have a bad experience? Come forth and share.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Running the Marathon for Plodders Part 5

It's finally here. You are raring to go and move from being a plodder to a runner. But first some things to bear in mind.

Day before the race:

Make sure you have your timing chip and bib. Secure them the night before the race. Put all your race attire aside and get everything ready. No need to kalakabo in the morning.

Do not wear anything new. If you have been thinking that 2XU is a math formula, Skins is what you have on your body, don't try them out during the race if you have never worn them before. Likewise that sports bra or nice singlet that you bought from the Race Expo. New apparels need to be seasoned or rather your body need to be seasoned to them so don't wear anything that is brand new.

Stop eating anything that will give you the runs. That means, no spicy Mala hot pot or Samy curry fish head. Clear your stomach as much as you can.

Carboload? What's that? Unless you are from a country that do not eat rice or noodle daily, there is really no need to have a night of gorging on pasta, bread and rice. All that food will just cause a stomach upset.

Plan your transport so that you can reach the race site at least 1 hour before the start time.

In the morning

Set your alarm clock to wake up at least 3 hours before the race to give you sufficient time to eat, get ready and travel down to the race site.

Eat a light meal at home. Good food to eat are bread - get the Gardenia or Sunshine roll; a cup of Milo and a banana.

Clear your stomach before you leave the house.

Bring along a small bottle of water and a banana. Eat the banana while waiting for the race to start. Take small sip of water. Discard the bottle when the race start. No need to carry it along.

Finally the Race

Stay within your desired timing pen. Don't go to the front where you will be trampled upon by the elites.

There is no need to do any hard run to warm up. You are not the elites. Starting off slowly will do for the warm up. However, you may want to do some light dynamic stretching to warm up and loosen the joints and body.

The need to pee is more in your mind than in your "uhem". Ignore it or wait until you reach the first proper toilet. It is not very glam to pee in the open.

Don't follow the crowd and charge from the beginning. Be discipline and stick to your run strategy.

Drink at every water point. Okay you can skip the very first water point if you don't feel thirsty but otherwise drink even if you don't feel thirsty. It will keep your body hydrated. There is no worry of getting hyponatremia, at least not in our weather. But if you are scare of losing too much salt (is it even possible with our local diet?), that's where the salt tablet come in. Don't drink isotonic drink only. Alternate the isotonic drink with plain water.

Keep left when you run to allow the faster runners to overtake. And don't run hand in hand or side by side with your darling. Wait until the finish line for that photo taking opportunity.

Take a packet of gel every 10km. Sucks your energy chews when you hit 35km and the heat is getting to you and you are totally drained.

Keep track of your pace and slow down or speed up if necessary but do not get carried away if you are ahead of schedule. Be discipline and stick to your game plan. Otherwise the damage later on can be unimaginable.

Cramps? Hopefully won't get but if do, slow down and walk if you feel the cramps coming. Get assistance from the first aid stations along the way. And the lamp posts and trees don't need you to prod them up. Stretching may make the cramp worse.

Smile and raise your hands in triumph for the camera when you cross the finish line.

Good luck and God speed.