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Sunday, December 27, 2009


The year is over. Time for a review.

2009 started off well with some new races in the first half of the year such as the Newton Run; Suburban Run and a Valentine Day Run. For the former and the new POSB Run for Kids in July, instead of participating as a runner, we volunteered as 'Run Pacer' and had heck of a nice time. Maybe if the opportunity arises in 2010, will volunteer for more of such events.

Apart from that bright spark, 2009 was a bit of a disappointment. In spite of the many new races, I did only 7 races, having had to sit out the Singapore Bay Run/Army Half Marathon and choosing to skip the SCSM. The longest race distance was only 15km. Compare this with 2008 when I did 10 events including 2 full marathons.

The main problem was the series of injuries that hit me - first an unidentified foot pain in February, then mild plantar fasciitis followed by a stress fracture and finally an ankle sprain. Anyway, with the very much reduced mileage (now only 20km a week), the problems seems to have been contained and hopefully 2010 will be less problematic.

Looking back at my 2009 resolutions, I managed to keep 1 ha ha and that is not to run a full marathon this year. Unfortunately for the other 2, I still waiting. Maybe will never be kept but so be it.

So what lies ahead in 2010? Let me sleep on it for a while.

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