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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Running the Marathon for Plodders Part 6 The Final Chapter

By the time you read this, you will either
1) be walking like a duck or
2) celebrating your achievement or
3) doing both the above

But whatever it is, congratulations on completion of the full/half marathon. Maybe you did much better, got a PB, maybe you didn't do so well and really ended up walking the main bulk of the race - but whatever it is - you completed and you survived to read this crap. And if you are really reading this - please do share some of your feelings during the race.

Look back - what went well. Think of everything that you did right and consistently apply them to the next races.

And those things that went wrong? What are they? What caused them? And more importantly how to overcome them in future.

Did you get cramps? If so, at what distance? Getting cramps too early may imply you were running too fast, much faster than your normal training pace. Getting cramps after the 30km is fairly usual. But it should not be so. Likely cause is insufficient mileage. The legs just couldn't take the constant pounding. Need to run longer distance in future training lor.

Hit the wall. Ah the dread wall. How to describe it? It is like you have totally no strength to even walk. You simply can't move. Does this sound familiar. I hope not. But if it did happened, it is usually because of insufficient training. Mileage as well as time. How to train for this? I like to think that you need to run for hours and hours just so that the body can get accustomed to being out in the sun and pounding away for 4 - 5 hours. Distance is not so important here. More the amount of time spent.

Walking around in circle or like a drunk. Did you see anybody doing that or maybe you yourself was doing it? This is a classic sign of dehydration and impending heatstroke. Remedy is simple - drink water consistently.

Anything else that happened to cause you to not do so well or have a bad experience? Come forth and share.


  1. my feelings during the km 14/15 'why do I register for this ... when I can do my own run elsewhere without having so many people overtake me...even that old man in front can run without stopping?' ^^;
    but after completing the race & gather with my friends... 'ok, let's aim for Full Marathon next year' ;p

  2. Two lessons learnt.

    1)Not training enough and clocking the mileages. The longest run I did previously was the AHM (21km), thus my legs started to give way around 24-25k mark. Knees started to hurt followed by several muscles cramps. Eventually, I had to walk back for the last 15-18k. Every single step hurts so badly.

    2)I reached the bag deposit area at about 5am, only to realize that there was a long queue. Spent more than 20 min there and had to rush down to the starting point. Hence I do not have adequate time for proper warm up (which might cause the cramps too). I will definitely arrive earlier next time or simply don't deposit any stuffs.

    Conclusion, my first 42k was a painful experience but memorable one.

    Will return for more marathons after my ‘mistakes’.


  3. Tekko - thaks in advance for the photos.

    U can either tag me in facebook or email to


  4. Hi Dewi, you looked so cheerful when I saw you. You want your pic? email to you? sms me your email add.
    Raymond, not too bad an experience considering this is your first FM. I guess your exam affected your mileage training can't be help. Next year sure can improve.

  5. Hi Tekko,
    I completed my first FM in one piece! And did better than my expected 5:30hrs timing! I clocked 5:17hrs.

    I probably started a little too fast for the first 30k, at one point I was running with the 4:45 pacers. I ended with cramp on both thighs and have to run-walk-stretch for the remaining 12km.

    God bless the good weather and kind supporters along the route.

    Overall, it was a great experience and achievement for me.

    Another item off my bucket list!