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Friday, December 25, 2009

SCSM 2009 Pictures Memories

A little bit late but here are some memories of the SCSM 2009

Never let some silly little excuses stop you

Weight - no problem
Obese - no big deal
Leg pain. Get a walking stick
Wheel chair also can
Age? It's all in the mind
Cannot see? Get a helper
How about this 2? Is one of them blind too?
This guy says it all
Please don't cry
But if you must cry, a towel to dry your tears will be helpful
All in the family:
Ah Kong and Ah Ma?
Father and child
Husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend?
Hmm how did they do it?
1 FM and 1 HM and yet the twain met?
Some dancing to take the mind off the race
Thank God no armpit hair!
Ice cream on the mind?
No ice cream, shirt also can
Some air for the tummy
Unzip for the breast, umph sorry chest
Better still. Take it all off and cover the head as well
The 'first' local lady to cross the FM finish line!
Her time? Gun Time: 3:05:38 but unfortunately no prize for her
She DNQ big time
My apologies if anybody featured here is offended.

More photos here.

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