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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Click-4-Klick 1 Jan 2010 3am - 2 Jan 2010 9 am

What a wonderful way to start 2010. Together with many others, we witnessed a jaw breaking sometime heart wrenching scenes as Kelly started on her mission at Bedok Reservoir and completed it 30 hours later at MacRitchie Reservoir.

She battled fatigue, lack of sleep,, blisters all over the foot, a bloated stomach, the heat and then the cold and rain to overcome the odds to clock 150km in 30 hours. Although she did not managed to hit 160km, her self imposed target, nevertheless, it was a super achievement. Myself, I doubt at this current moment, I can last even 3 hours on the road.

The amount pledged to date is also still short of the target of $50,000.00. Hopefully, the pledges and donations will continue to come in during the next few days.

However, I am much heartened at the support of friends who stayed with her throughout the 30 hours, and those who popped in at BR or MR to show their support. After the rain and towards late evening, when it was clear that the original plan to use 1 pacer per loop was no longer workable, calls were made and many responded turning up in the early morning to pace her.

Here are some selected pictures of the 30 hours journey. More pictures on Facebook.

Holding on to pacers for strength
Icy foot soak
A quick massage
Pricking a blister
A cool way to beat the heat
An icy neckwrap
Powder bath
In the wee morning

Finish at last!

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