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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Looking forward

Wow it has barely been 10 days (exact is 7 days only) and already the running calendar for 2010 is almost fully booked. Event organiser, charities and sports apparel companies are rushing to put out a slew of races from the usual run to quirky and funky new challenges.

This year so far announced new events - Citispa Mizuno Women Run; North East Run; Nature Run; and 2XU Run. Coming back in new format or new routes are Passion Run, Newton Run and Sundown Marathon. Is it really that profitable to organise a race? Then there is the race that everybody is waiting for - the new marathon under the SSC and will the SAA rise to the challenge and continue with their own? And I haven't even include any fun run and charity runs yet!

Along with all these new races, the fees have gone up. So what am us poor folks going to run in?

Likelihood is I will only do those that are more value for money and the new events. I will probably forego the full marathon again unless the 2 new marathons to be organised by either the SSC and SAA is so enticing that I die die have to sign up.

For starter, the North East Run (presumably this is a reincarnation of last year's Newton Run and Suburban Run). Why? Because it's free for me! Yah. and maybe also the TNF cause that will also be free if I choose to do it but maybe only for the 25km. Along with this, I will probably also do the F1 Sports EQ Nature Run cause I think this year I will do more trail running as it is better for the leg which means I will also likely go for the Salomon Trail Run and NB Real Run.

Another race that I think I will do is the Passion Run unless it clash again with the Cold Storage Kid's Run. This year this one got 25km which I think is a fairly decent and far enough distance for old fogey like me to run. What else? Maybe the Sheares Bridge Run since I miss that last year and the 2XU Run which is at Sentosa. Can use that opportunity to jalan jalan there. Also, if the Yellow Ribbon Run comes back since I like the experience.

Okay I think that is enough races for the year unless something nice crop up overseas....

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