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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nathan Catalyst

Most conventional electrolyte drinks (that I know of) come in powder form and you got to mix a few spoonful to xxxx amount of water. What I like about the Nathan Catalyst is that it is in a soluble tablet form and you just need to pop one into water and volia!

The tagline for this product is "Turn Water into Power". Okay I don't know about the power part but certainly it turned the water into some murky stuff and don't look too good. And it tasted worst!

Following the instructions on the container, I dropped the tablet into 700ml of water. Bad move. Not only was it yucky looking, let's just say I rather drink plain water. I guess 700ml of water is too much. Fortunately, there was no strong medicinal smell but I couldn't taste or smell any lemon lime either.

The next time round, I wise up and added less water and for good measure added in another portion of grapefruit juice. The stronger flavor of the grapefruit juice makes the mix more palatable although I swear I could actually taste some medicinal taste this time round.

Finally, I popped 1 tablet into a coffee mug of ice water. At least now I get to see a more decent lime green color and it tasted much better. So I think the trick is not to add too much water if taste is important.

Enough about the taste. More importantly did the electrolyte did its job to hydrate, enhances performances and recovery? Unfortunately, I only drank it after running so I cannot comment on the performance part but certainly I didn't feel so tired after running this morning even though it was so hot.

Anyway, I like its convenience as compared to say Accelerade which comes in powder form. When the CNY period is over and I can get some real oranges, I will try it with real orange juices and perhaps it will taste much better.

NB: The Nathan Catalyst was sponsored by Running Lab

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