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Monday, February 22, 2010

Team Fatbird Eastside Run

The folks in Tampines must have thought a big group of loonies were on the loose. Decked mainly in red and sprewing Hokkien (thankfully not profanities) every now and then, it was the occasion of the Team Fatbird Eastside Chinese New Year Fa Cai Run.

One of the few rare occasion when I joined Team Fatbird for the run, this was a special run as we the Eastsider hosted the Team Fatbird for a run in the East. Thanks mainly to ACLeong for organizing the run, tirelessly co-ordinating, the run went off smoothly despite a last minute hiccup when our original plan to go through the Tampines Mountain Bike Park was curtailed as it was closed in preparation for the YOG.

I think the Taichi practitioner must have been pretty pissed that we took over their spot at Sun Plaza Park,
close to 70 of us went off first towards Pasir Ris Park,
then a run through the mangrove with a stopover at the watchtower and a fishing platform and annoying the hell out of the photographer waiting there patiently to photograph the birds. I think we scare the birds away. ha ha ha
Another stopover at the Gallop stable. Unfortunately, it was still early and there was only 1 white horse in sight. Never mind, after a run through the park, it was up a gentle slope along Pasir Ris Height
before we went up a trail to the Mainland Tropical Fish Farm. Enroute,
there was obstacle to cross
and a nice wide trail for the speed king to chiong.
Another stopover at the Farm for a drink and to gape at the giant arapaima,
before heading down Pasir Ris Drive 3 and the crocodile infested Sungei Api Api. Too bad we didn't see any crocs.

But we had the run, we had the trail, we had the obstacle, the fish, the horse and
most of all we had fun!


  1. Great Festive Run.
    Thanks for organizing and hosting the bunch of noisy birds to this relatively unexplored Eastern part of Singapore....we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    The vibrant-looking pics lend testimony to the happening and fun experience for all.

    HUAT AH!
    FatBird Anthony aka DreamRunner

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this rustic eastern run. Great job, well done!!

    恭喜huat ah!
    botak sim

  3. Hi Dream/Run2eat,

    It was my pleasure to help with this run. I only wish we could have managed to go into the MBT park.

    Btw, run2eat, which one are you?