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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Claim to Glory?

In last week (Saturday?) ST, there was an article about people taking part in races and endurance events just to get hold of the finisher tee. The main thrust of the article was that these people are not properly trained or prepared for the event and they risk injuring or worse killing themselves in the process. It quoted one guy who did not even train and plunged straight into the 70.3.

From time to time, especially toward the SCSM period, at the RL run, I  come into contact with newcomers who joined the run as sort of a last minute revision for the marathon. Being a big kapo, I usually ask these people their objectives for running, their weekly mileage, blah blah blah and I am horrified that some of these people have practically no base, no background and yet here they were, doing just 1 run as their preparation. Like studying for an exam - they do last minute mugging and cross their fingers that they will get it right.

I don't know how these people fares eventually but I think I am certain, they will probably have to walk 3 quarter if not more for the marathon and suffer in agony for the next 1 week and cause unmeaurable damage to their body. Is the finisher tee really worth it?

Don't get me wrong here. I am not putting down the plodders - just those who do not bother to train and prepare for the event but walk through it just to get the shirt and have bragging rights. Do they deserve to call themself a marathoner finisher or an ironman?


  1. darn!! hasn't been running and sundown's near!!! =(

  2. Interested to know the author's of the article. =)

  3. Jason: Haha same here, i clocking lesser mileage this year as compared to 2009 for sundown marathon.

    Been focusing on more quality runs and muscle strengthening on my weaker running muscles..

  4. As long as you guys got the base, should be okay maybe suffer a bit but should still be manageable. Try doing a few long runs on the weekends leading to Sundown. Join me for my weekend runs if you are free. Check out the ninja tortise facebook group for details