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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jump Start your Race

So I been analyzing last Saturday's Passion Run. What went well and what went wrong. The 'went wrong' part is easy. Just blame it on the lack of mileage, lack of long distance run, and lack of running. Ha ha ha. With just 2 lsd of 20km between January 2009 till this race, and weekly mileage of 30km +, it is no surprise that I choked. But then again it could have been worse.

And I think that's where the 'went well' part came in. My use of the magic portion! Oops, wrong! Portion is to ingest. This one is to apply. Tadah..... introducing the Jump Start Instant Energy Cream!

The Jump Start Instant Energy Cream, by Lynk Biotech, is an ointment which is applied externally on the body. It is supposed to provide 'instant' energy to boost speed, strength and endurance. It contains Ribose, a substance which the muscles are supposedly able to tap on to work harder and longer. It also contains creatine, caffeine and carnitine and according to the label, no banned substances. According to information gleaned from the web, Ribose is supposed to increase endurance, reduce fatigue and helps muscle recovery. Carnitine is an amino acid. All these together are delivered directly via Lynk's transdermal delivery system directly to the required area avoiding the metabolisation if it has been ingested orally.

Okay enough of all this cheem stuff. Main thing is - does it works as claim?

Both M and myself, we applied Jump Start to the calves, quads and hamstring about 2 hours before the run as per the instructions. M also applied it to the upper back. It is odourless, not very greasy and leaves no visible residual. With my lack of mileage and runs, I had expected to fare very badly. Further, the tight left calf was always a worry and I expected it to cramp. But both legs held. And unlike other long runs where the legs felt heavier and heavier, there was no such problem this time round. So I think the Jump Start did work. Without it, I think I will have did very much worse. M also commented that she didn't get the heavy legs. According to sharing by others who have tried it previously, the cream helped them to run faster and delayed the onset of fatigue and cramps. I likened it to the compression socks and tights that seems to be the rage now.  It will indeed help boost energy, delay fatigue and aid in recovery. With the kind sponsorship from Lynk Biotech, I think I am going to enjoy my future races!

Jump Start is expected to be launched within the next few weeks. Do look out for it and try it out!

PS: This review of Jump Start is made possible by Lynk Biotech.


  1. It would be interesting to apply to one leg alternatively at races to test and confirm its efficacy. At any time, one leg is the control. Just a thought.

  2. Hi there, I actually tried that. But the result was inconclusive

  3. I tried on one leg on a run but it started working harder than the other and I ended up running in circles