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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Awed and Inspired?

There are world class, world famous athletes like Dean Kamazes, Lance Armstrong and even Oscar Pistorius but here in our tiny little dot of a garden paradise, we too have maybe not world class or world famous but nevertheless athletes who are right up there with the great names.

First and foremost is our very own ‘Oscar Pistorius’ – Mr Mohamed Shariff Abdullah. Someone who is a common sight at races here and in the region, his determination and courage knows no bound. He is aiming to ascent Mt Everest! Along with him is Mr Adam Khamis, who lost his arms in a traffic accident and is now training diligently for the Paralympics. Both these young man can be seen running together frequently and put people like us to shame with their dedications to training. Then there is of course the more famous Dr William Tan who despite being physically challenged and relying on a wheel chair to move around has managed to complete many marathons and even one across the Antarctica and tirelessly raised funds for many charities.

Not handicapped but just as determined are our ever growing pool of Ultra marathoners and adventurers. There is good friend, Major Kelly Lim, who runs ultra marathons like it is a weekend trip to the parks; and single handedly raised closed to $50,000.00 for the President Challenge by running 30 hours non-stop. There is Mdm Sophia Pang, who skied 900km in 38 days to reach the South Pole and of course the many crazy people each year who attempts the 4 Desert Races. One such person whom I met recently who will be doing her maiden Sahara Desert Race is Jane Peng, a business analyst who just took up running in February this year!

Hearing and reading their accounts, sometime I wonder whether I am made of the same stuff and able to accomplish what these people can do. But I know deep down, I am awed by them but inspired? Nah… I think I am better off supporting them from the side line.

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