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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Singtel Race Against Cancer 2010

Another beautiful cool day - perfect for sleeping in but was up at 5am for a race that I was not running.

For the 3rd time this year, I have elected to participate in a race not as a participant but as a volunteer. This time the event was the Singtel Race Against Cancer at Pasir Ris Park. Unfortunately, was deployed to the Pasir Ris Bus Interchange to point participants in the right direction. I guess they figured us volunteers were cheaper than printing and putting up a whole lot of directional sign. Being at the Interchange means I had to miss most of the actions on site but nevermind, it was for a good cause.

But sometime wish can and do come true but it may not turned out exactly how we like. Was recalled back to the finish line at 8.30 am and found that I had to trudge through 100 metres of mud and then stand there guiding the finishers into the right chute. It was fun time though and I caught a glimpse of a witch, a 'Áh Lian' and a 'air stewardess'!

But the best part was watching the participants hopelessly trying to pick their through the mud without getting their shoes muddy!

And the absolute best part of the whole deal was we get to bring home the many freebies that could not be finished includes loads of fruits, Yakult and Magnolia ice-cream!

Me think I should sign up for more of this.

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