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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Inter Constituency Road Run 2010

Normally I don't like this race because it is hard and fast and old man like me cannot take last the pace. But this year I enjoyed it tremendously cos I wasn't running in it!

This year I got a substitute to make up the number and even though I put down my name for it, I didn't run and took over as the acting Team Manager covering for the absence super runner the real Team Manager who unfortunately was involve in the NDP. Too bad for the team. Last year he was first in the Men's Veteran and that helps to pull the team to an eleventh finish - the highest ever.
The Members of Changi-Simei CSC in action

Anyway, we had an almost full team. 3 ladies including poor M who despite her protestation, somehow still got roped in. There was another young lady whom we were pining our hope on for getting a top 10 finish but this young track and field runner from Temasek Poly fell sick at the last moment and had to opt out. We had 2 Veterans after minusing me and real Teal Manager and another 8 runners for the Men's Open. Our best runner for the last 2 years has gone AWOL so this year we roped in a young 15 years old boy whose best time was 17mins+ for the 4.3km round Bedok Reservoir. While that was superb timing by our standard, at this race, that counts for nothing. The first place finisher took only 14:14!.

Anyway, my substitute was the Kid roped in to help out his dad and he did well despite his short running background coming in 2nd fastest among our team members. M also managed to finish the fastest among the 3 ladies so it was a rather proud family affair for me. But without our twin speedy Gonzales from last year, there was absolutely no chance of us finishing better than last year. So sad that I cannot end my association with the Changi-Simei CSS on a high:(

Yes this will be my last association with the Changi-Simei CSC and the Inter Con Road Race as I will be moving out from Simei soon and I don't think I will be joining another CSC. It has been a fun but tiring 4 years of associating with the Inter Con (2 years as runners and 2 years as kapo) but I don't think I gonna miss it though.. Ha ha ha!

More photos here

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