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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

MacRitchie Jinx

So the MacRitchie jinx strike again! But this time round I was not the one to kena instead the poor kid was the victim.

We had made a last minute decision to go and run at MR in the evening so the 4 of us went.   All 4 of us started on the Northern Trail. I was supposed to do the 10km route with the kid while the Mrs went the 5km route with the Princess. The ladies were to turn back at the 2nd boardwalk entrance the Petai Trail and ran along the boardwalk while we go the usual route. Unfortunately, both runs got short circuited. The Princess got distanced by a snake on the boardwalk and thereafter they decided to walk from there. I was huffing and puffing when I saw the kid standing in the middle of the trail. Turned out he had tripped and got a bloody mess on his legs which was  fine but the ankle didn't look too good so we also turned and walked back.

This is my 11th time at MR this year. Compared this to 2006 - 7; 2007 - 1; 2008 - 2; 2009 - 6. Seems like I have been spending too much time there. Maybe I should switch over to Bukit Timah instead.

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