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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Barefoot Running

I am still curious enough about this barefoot thing. I am convinced by all the literature out there and the testimonies from runners (yes I mean you Mr PuaJ and a few others). There were a few doubters too but overall I think the pro outweigh the con.

Nevertheless, I am not prepared to go out and run barefoot all over Singapore. Firstly, I don’t like all the stares and secondly I don’t really relish the thoughts of getting my foot cut on nails, broken glass, drinks stubs etc. And of course, there is always the big B – blisters which my left foot seems in particular to be very prone to. But confining all my barefoot runs to the stadium track seem too restrictive. Yet kiamseap me also don’t think it’s worth spending over $200.00 for a pair of VFF which is what appears to be the only option currently available in Singapore and which to me is just a pair of glorified foot gloves.

At the end of the day, I believe that since we are talking about barefoot running (not forefoot), there is really no need to have a pair of minimalist shoes or any shoes in fact. What is required is only a foot protection system and the people behind the huaraches idea has got it right. Having said that, I think it is not really practical to make a pair of huaraches. A runner friend did one recently. He told me he paid about $12.00 for a pair of black rubber sole from a cobbler and a pair of SAF shoelace. Guess what, the thing gave way after 4km. So dollar for dollar, that is $3 per km which is kinda expensive compared to the typical cost of a running shoe and a lifespan of say 400km.

After looking around, I think the best option is to get one of those Panther track shoes that I used to wear when I was just a skinny little kid back in the late seventies and early eighties. Those old enough will remember that it is thin at the sole and very soft without any cushioning. That I think will do nicely as a foot protection for barefoot running. Problem is, is it still in production nowadays and available here in Sg?

And then while out shopping one day, I came across this pair of shoes which cost only $15.90 and 


  1. Hi I have a pair of VFF KSO's for only $50. Barely used. Size 43 if that fits you. Drop me an SMS at 81391011. We did an MO from state-side.. so had a few pairs to share around. regards,

  2. The pros are more than cons. I make my huarache and it can last me till 100km but it do give me some blister if I do not lace it properly.