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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fresh Air Fund - NYC Marathon

Unfortunately no I am not doing the NYC or New York City Marathon much as I would love to unless somebody want to sponsor me?

From time to time, I get requests from people, mainly strangers to promote some sites or review some products. These have include websites like painting, testing of some computer software, etc. Most time I ignore them unless it is something self serving (my interest of course) or a request from a friend. Sad to said though, is how come I never get a request to test something cool like Garmin watch or new shoes? That one I will gladly write more? So how about it, Nike, Asics, Adidas, 2XU?

There are times when I get requests to write about a cause and generate some publicity for it and most of these I am very happy to oblige and do my little bit to help. But of course I do find it strange that some of these requests come from overseas. I don't really think my little blog is that well followed but like I said anything for a good cause.

The NYC marathon is one of the big 4 marathons in the world (together with Boston, Berlin and London). This year it will be on 7 November. A special feature of some of the oversea marathons is that most of them are big on charities and charities organisation can sign up and runners can pledge funds for these charities and run for the charities. This year, one of these charities is the Fresh Air Fund, an organisation that provides free 'summer experiences' to children from disadvantages communities.

So anyway, if you are reading this from NY or anywhere in the USA or the World and is taking part in the NYC marathon, why not consider signing up as a Fresh Air Fund runner? More information about the Fresh Air Fund here.

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