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Friday, September 17, 2010

New Socks

So there I was walking aimlessly at the sale and then I saw this:

This looks like a perfect fit for barefoot running. Very light and thin and totally flexible. And only $15.90. So I grabbed one just to try try.

A quick search on the internet and found out it is called a water socks for people who engage in water activities. Nevermind, still can run right?

The first opportunity I have, I took it out for a short run. So how did it feel. First, it was slightly too big. I had chosen size 43 cos when I tried on the regular 42, it felt a bit small but the minute I started running, I knew it was too loose. The feeling was like it could fly off anytime. In fact I think if I just give a flying kick of sort, it will definitely fly. Maybe a pair of socks would help. Then I started getting irritation just below where the tongue should be right on the instep. Oh oh, this could be the start of a blister. A quick stop to check what's wrong and discover it was some label affixed there that was causing the problem. So probably need the sock after all!

Anyway, on with the run. The sole was thin enough to feel every little piece of pebbles and roots and what's not on the ground but it provide sufficient protection. Other than the fear of it coming off, it felt like, how to describe? running in flip flops. But anyway, as the run progresses, got more comfortable with it and managed to complete 40mins without any issues.

Have I found the perfect solution to barefoot running? My joy was marred when I turned over the shoes or socks to inspect the sole and found that it had worn down considerably. At this rate, it wouldn't last another 20km. 

Oh well back to square 1.

Anyway, while surfing, came across this review of similar water shoes here. Hmmmm maybe just maybe....


  1. Keke, I think some call this booties. =)
    For scuba divers some will wear it with their fins, while others use it for water sports. =)

  2. Hi Jodan I since discovered quite a number of people also wear something similar. In fact, AC got exactly the same pair of socks or booties which was what my daughter also call them.

  3. Hi there again!

    I have seen that review too before i bought my VFF, but i guess for such shoes (including VFF) blister still plays a part, especially for the lip and certain inner parts of the shoes that might cause chafing.

    Any lobang for a good pair of hurraches at reasonable pricing?

    So far i have tried full barefoot running from Reservoir back to my flat.. not because I finally lost it.. but becuz of the blister caused by my VFF.. Not that bad afterall

    But to run barefoot around the reservoir is another thing all tgt