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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pipeline Reserves

On a hot sunny morning, 5 of us decided to tackle Bukit Timah Hill. The last time we came this way, we started from MacRitchie Reservoir and ran out of steam at the foot of the hill. So this time round, we played cheat a bit and started from Ngee Ann Poly which is like 1.5km away from the foot of Bukit Timah.

Still, it took a lot of effort and a fair bit of walking to reach the summit. And then to return to the foot. That short distance from the Poly to the top and down to the foot took us almost 45mins. [shake head]. Like that how to complete TNF in one piece?

Anyway, from there we went on to Rifle Range Road and then climb over the crash barrier somewhere in the middle and down to the Pipeline reserve. The last time I came here, we only reach the last year support table location but I have always wanted to go the full distance and see how far the pipes lead to (yeah I know it's Johore) but up to which point before it become 'unrunnable'. Unfortunately, the hot weather and slothfulness got to us and we ended up only at Zhenghua Park before we blakan balik.

With this run, I just realised I have completed the whole of the North Face route! Yipee. While others do it in 1 run, I did it over 5 runs. Ha ha ha.

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