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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sheares Bridge Run Army Half Marathon 2010

Possibly the last chance to redeem myself this year but I blew it. So sad:(

This old body is no longer capable of doing a sub-2. I thought I can do it, what with the longer runs for the past 2 months but instead I ended up with a timing that was even worse than the KL Marathon where I believe the route was much tougher to run.

The start time of 5.15am was supposed to be conducive for doing a good time and possibly even a PB. But that didn't happen. Of course I can blame it on the moving; been doing a lot of packing, unpacking, rushing here and there; late nights and even the humidity. Maybe they all contributed. Oh wait, blame it on the Injiji as well.

Anyway, back to the race. We arrived about 5am and was walking towards the start when the MC announced the start of the race. What the hell! It started 5 minutes early. Oh well, caught at the back, we just walked until the start line where I managed to do a shuffle of a run for the next 5 minutes before managing to move on to a slow trot. This year, the route has been changed slightly to take in the Marina Bay Sands so we u-turn at McCallum Street and headed back to the start point via Robinsion Road. Interestingly but maybe not so surprising after all, there were people already walking!. Down the familiar Raffles Boulevard and then it was up the Bayfront Avenue bridge. The very first upslope! We passed by the MBS before turning left to the ECP and up the long slope.

I was doing an average of 6 minutes pace at this point and I realised if I don't increase the pace, I will not be able to make the sub 2. However, weak mind conquers desire and I just continue because it was a comfortable pace. 10 km came and 58 minutes +. Hmmm, to get a sub 2, I need to do a negative split. Can I do it? 11km in 62 minutes? Possible but tough. The humidity was getting to me. There wasn't much of a breeze and my whole body was soaking wet. At 15km I entertained thoughts of walk but remembering the nightmare of the Timex run, I decided to plod on. Saw some friends in front and decided to catch up with them and see whether I can ran ahead of them. Managed to did that. But it was now 19km and with 2 km to go, I had only 11minutes to make my sub-2. Still possible but the 19 km seemed extremely long and when I hit the 20km, I had only 4 minutes left. There goes the sub 2. Oh well, so be it!

And so end my quest to regain the sub 2. I think it is longer doable for me so I shall now relax and enjoys my run instead of being so obsessed with a timing that actually serves not much purpose other than to put pressure on myself.

Next up, the TNF 50km duo!

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  1. It's not too bad. I think endurance builds up with age too with good training.