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Monday, September 13, 2010

Silly and Stubborn

I have always heed the age old advice of never wearing brand new attire for a race. I even use it as a mantra to all my running friends.

So what behold me to ignore my own advice? Maybe it is vanity, maybe it is old age. As everybody knows, old people can be silly and stubborn.

So what did I do? To complement my black look, I decided to put on a brand new pair of black Injiji toe socks. This to go with the black Zoots calf sleeve, black Zoots tights, black/green Nike t and black/orange Nike Lunarglide. And what did I get? This freaking blister! and 1 bruised toe nail!
Oh and it has to be the socks since I have worn the Nike Lunarglide for a few long runs including the KL Marathon without any problem. Oh well maybe I just go sockless?

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