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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brokie Smell Flower Run

Another weekend another group run.  This time it is Brokie's Smell Flower Run at the CCAB at Evans Rd and the surrounding Botanic Garden. A very big group of runners turned up. I guess that is the star attraction of RSM Brokie.

Cutting through a big field
Anyway, with a few of the runners leading the way, we visited the NUS Law Faculty, the Evolution Garden, the Swan Lake, Ridout Road (took a wrong turn) and ended up at a dead end and had to wade through a big field before getting onto Dempsey Hill and then Ridleys Road where everybody jaw dropped at all the big fierce Ferraris at No 2. We passed embassy row before going into Cluny Road and then Tyersall Rd before turning back to Botanic Garden. Some extra 'on' runners did an extra 2km to Dalvy estate. Bravo.

Big abandon house at Tyersall Ave
We saw big  house, small house, abandon house, embassies, consulates and lots of fast cars.
Big house at Ridout Rd
Lots of Ferraris
I don't know whether I like group run or not. On the one hand, getting to know all the runners, the banter as we run, the jokes the laughter, it is fun. On the other hand, taking 2 hours to run a distance that can be normally covered in half the time is rather tiring and tedious. But luckily, the weather was kind to us today and so although we took 2 hours to run 12 km, it wasn't really that bad although the stomach was growling half way into the run. Nah I think I will continue to join but maybe once a month will do.

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