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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Eastside Run 01012011

After a long break, finally managed to get a Eastside Run going. Good start for the new year?

The turnout was better than expected. Almost 25 persons turned up including a big group from the CrazyBonkersDeranged Running group. [No offence guys]. We met up at Bedok Reservoir Park and ran to East Coast Park. But everyone was still enjoining the festive holidays and wasn't really in the mood for a long run and nobody took the long route. Some turned back at Kembangan MRT and the rest continuing on to East Coast Park.
The runners doing what they do best
The obligatory group photo at the end of the run.

 What's that behind the runners? Some graffiti? Isn't that a no no here? Find out what it is here.

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