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Friday, January 07, 2011

Energy Source

I realise I ran out of energy during my races most of the time. I figure I need more energy. Stamina. Whatever. But I am too lazy to do all the intervals, speed works, lsds to get it. Now in this modern age and time, I am sure there are some stuff that can provide all this without me going through all the tough and long boring runs. Of course, one option is to go get some energy generating drugs from those miracle working doctors and sports trainers in the US. Whatever stuff they are giving to the cyclists and sprinters seem to be working. Problem is, I wouldn’t know how to get hold of them and I don’t think I can afford them either.

Then I remember this thing called Phiten necklace. I used to have one. I bought it in Japan where it was first invented. Worn it like twice and then gave it to the toy soft dog. The toy soft dog is dead, gnawed to death by the real dog. The necklace? Probably buried along with the dog or somewhere. But anyway, the Phiten manufacturer claimed that it will increase energy. Quote from their website: Phiten’s exclusive process enhances your body’s energy management system by increasing the capacity of every cell. This increased energy means more power and less fatigue. There you have it. Increased energy – more power – less fatigue. Need to get one. I think this one will increase my energy level by at least 10%.

After that I got to thinking. If 1 Phiten necklace can increase my energy by 10%, what about wearing 10 of them? 100%? No. Maybe like that a bit kiasu.

But what if I combine the Phiten with a Power Balance wristband. The Power Balance is the latest in-thing. From their website: They utilize holograms which are specifically designed to work with your body's natural energy flow, and in turn increase endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. ………..Wow. Increase endurance. Just what I need for marathon. So I get one. Wait better still get 2. One for each arm. Double the power. I can feel the power! Amazing! And I haven’t even bought it.

Now what else can I get to get more power, more energy, more endurance? What about those fancy long stocking that everybody seem to be wearing. I got a pair of Zoots compression calf sleeve but nothing sound as awesome and kick ass as something with a name like BV Sports Booster! With a tagline of ‘Boost your performance!’ how can go wrong?

But then hor if I run too long sometime the knees get very sng and a bit painful. How about something for the knee? I remember seeing this TV ad featuring this Hong Kong actress proclaiming the benefit of the knee guard. Volia: The Ebene knee guard. Look at this statement from their website: it does not only increases energy to knees and legs, but also relaxes muscles to increase running speed for sportsmen. Woo wee – increase running speed. Just the thing I need. This one die die must get. Wait a minute. I think I got one – stashed somewhere in the drawer. Maybe wear 3 for times and then dump. Must go and retrieve it. Alamak got eyes no see or-e-or.

While we getting the calf sleeve and the knee guard for the legs, why not go all the way and get some fancy set up for the whole body? Maybe a compression suit? Maybe the Ebene brief? Nah that one doesn't help much. Maybe I should just apply one whole tube of Jump Start onto the whole body! Revolutionary energy cream that delivers energy through the skin directly to the muscles to enable sportsmen and athletes to instantly exceed their natural limits in terms of speed, strength and endurance'' so said the website. Double Wow.

I think I going to fly in the next race!

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